Develop Your Intuition & Earn $359 Per Day As An Online Tarot Card Reader

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"I’ll Teach You How To Develop Your Intuition and Earn $359 Per Day As An Online Tarot Card Reader"

Thanks for stopping by & checking out my course on becoming a professional online tarot card reader :)

In this short course, I teach everything you need to know to start an online tarot reading business - with zero experience required!

Many of my former students now make upwards of $300/day from the comfort of their own homes, all whilst bringing hope and guidance to the lives of their clients.

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Tatiana Jones
creator of Six-Figure Tarot

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Recommended by 2000+ users

Why Become An Online Tarot Card Reader?

Many of my former students now make upwards of $300/day from the comfort of their own homes, whilst setting their own hours and living according to their own desires.

But that's not the only reason to become an online tarot card reader... this line of work brings meaning to both yourself and your clients, breaks away from traditional 9-5s and gives you true freedom to live your best life.

Help People Find Meaning
Work Remotely
Set Your Own Hours
Replace Your Full Time Income
Work Just A Few Hours Per Day
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Did you know, the spiritual arts industry is worth $2.1 billion per year, and still continues to grow?

That’s no typo: the spiritual arts & psychic services industry is worth more than $2.1 billion per year with over 20% of Americans visiting tarot card or other spiritual services at least once.
And guess what? There’s a shortage of practitioners willing to share their gifts with others online, creating huge demand for Tarot Card Readers like you to start an online business.
And don’t worry if you don’t have experience! I teach everything you need to know in my short, concise & easy-to-follow course!
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Do I Need To Be Psychic? No!

You do not need to be psychic to read tarot cards online! This is what I like to call “Tarot’s Biggest Myth”. Reading Tarot Cards is all about being intuitive and “connecting the dots”.

This can all be learned. No skill is needed to get started. In my course, I teach you how to develop your intuition, and give you the resources you need to master tarot card reading to a professional level, even if you’re a complete beginner!
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Our Students love It!

This Is My DREAM Job!

I’ve always loved reading tarot for myself and for friends, but I never even thought about doing it professionally. After taking Tatiana’s step-by-step course I picked up my first client within a few weeks, and my business hasn’t stopped growing since!

Lucy, California
Finally Found My Calling In Life!

I’ve always felt like I’m a bit “psychic” and wanted to work within this area since I can remember. I never took it seriously though until my friend introduced me to Tatiana. I’ve been successfully reading online for 18 months and finally feel like I’ve found my calling in life.

JEnnifer, england
Stay At Home Mom

I’m a stay at home mom to two young children. Last year when my husband’s income dropped due to lockdown, I started looking online for jobs that I could do. I’m a Sagittarius, so I’m not the most entrepreneurial of people, but in just 1 year, I’m now making more than my hubby, all from home + whilst looking after my kids!

Always Wanted To Work + Travel

I went backpacking for 6 months when I was younger and ever since then I’ve wanted to find a job I could do online whilst travelling the world. Becoming an online tarot card reader has allowed me to do just that! I’ve spent the last few years travelling the world, working from beaches - all whilst earning six figures online!!

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How much can I make as an online tarot reader?

The average hourly earnings for an online tarot card reader is $25-$50/hour, and it is not uncommon to make upwards of $300/day. However it all depends on how much time you want to work. Many of my former students prefer a more balanced lifestyle and work only 2-3 hours per day and find that this is enough income to live the life they want.

Do I need to have experience?

No, you do not need to have experience. This course is ideal for both experienced tarot card readers and complete beginners. I take you step-by-step through everything you need to know and provide you with all the resources you need to get started in your business.

Do I need to be psychic?

You already are! You might already know it, or haven’t yet recognised it, and it’s my job to help you connect your intuition to your voice. The best psychics in the world go through a process that helps them increase the volume of their intuition to the point they can use it to accurately predict the future for themselves and their clients.

But moreover, to read Tarot Cards, you don’t need to be psychic: you just need to be able to connect the dots. If you know what a Tarot Card represents, and you know where your client is in their life right now, you can easily make an accurate assessment with just a few weeks of practice.

Are online tarot readings the same as in person tarot readings?

Reading Tarot Cards online provides the exact same benefits to the customer, however it is much easier for the reader (you) to provide the reading. This is because most readings take place via messages, which gives you an increased amount of time to think and consider the results of your reading. In-person readings require fast responses, which can often result in the reader making mistakes, or “making things up”. When you read online, you have time on your side, so you can make more informed decisions and provide your clients with far more accurate insights into their cards.

Do I need to memorize card meanings?

The longer you practice tarot card readings, the more you’ll remember exactly what they mean. However, to help you get started, I include at-a-glance reference sheets and flash cards to help you get quick answers to card meanings.

How long is the course?

Every student completes the course at a different speed. However, with just a couple hours invested per week, you will have the skills necessary to start your online tarot reading business in less than 90 days.

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